Genuine and touching products of portuguese design



Genuine and
touching products
of portuguese design

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Exclusive Stuff

Delightful things that you can only buy at A Vida Portuguesa - and no where else. Because nothing gives us more joy than see a happy customer come back for more. Soaps, notebooks, swallows plus selections and combinations of the most beautiful things made in Portugal. And there's a lot more coming, we can guarantee.

Gift Boxes

A Vida Portuguesa proudly presents a selection of boxes with suggestive themes and surprising contents. Nested in straw, for a safe trip. A fun gift guaranteed, combining unexpected and sophisticated products. Perfect for all festive occasions, whatever the time of year.

Our Stores

That's life

Spring and Easter at A Vida Portuguesa

Spring has arrived, the swallows are starting to appear here and there and the Easter atmosphere is already in place at A Vida Portuguesa stores. What a wonder!

Gifts Boxes created by A Vida Portuguesa team

Before A Vida Portuguesa was a store - or even an idea for a store - Catarina Portas found herself putting together her favorite products in a box, whose production she did not want to stop. Today, the boxes are a huge success.

Therefore, we continue to invite our customers to make their own 100% national selection. Choose the products you want to offer and we will cook the best gifts/hampers. For weddings, events or conferences.

A Vida Portuguesa launches the campaign “One for all” to support Portuguese brands and artisans

A Vida Portuguesa has over 400 suppliers, the vast majority of which experiencing the harmful consequences of this crisis: both rare artisans, independent publishers or small companies whose excellency we recognise and larger companies that were finally straightening things out and starting to thrive.

One for all” is a series of campaigns designed for our online store, which once every two weeks shall present two brands with a broad listing of its most special products found exclusively online. These companies are friends of ours, projects we admire with products we love and wish to make known, point out, help.

Between May 2017 and January 2018, RTP broadcasted a documentary series comprising 16 episodes and presented by Catarina Portas, the mind behind A Vida Portuguesa. In each of those 25-minute episodes the doors to factories where the best Portuguese products are made would open for the audience to learn about the physical structures, technologies, practices, but above all the people (and families) who are committed to them and who make up their fundamental core.

A Vida Portuguesa / Sarah Affonso


During July, August and September of 2019, we will disclose the artist's works (from illustration to painting, embroidery or ceramics), tell some of her personal stories that intersect with the history of Portugal in the 20th century and reveal the details of the passionate research that lead us to the objects that we created from this enormous inspiration. In Portuguese Life, the summer of 2019 is the summer of Sarah Affonso, our inspiring muse.