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We believe objects can tell extraordinary and revealing stories. About a people and its particular taste, about a society and its context, about a history which is, after all, a common identity. And, because we know – only too well – the infinite power of saudade (that nostalgic and untranslatable longing), we also believe objects have the magical power to, like a certain Madeleine, awaken memories and sensations in each one of us. In other words, to reveal ourselves.

A Vida Portuguesa was born out of the will to create an inventory of the brands that survived the passage of time, to highlight the quality of Portuguese manufacture and to showcase Portugal in a surprising light.

Throughout the past few years we have searched, from the north to the south of the country, for products created and fabricated in Portugal. Products that have been handed down through generations and still touch our hearts today. In production for a long time now, they have, to this day, retained the same original, beautiful and naive packaging. They owe their longevity to their quality, which is, in some cases, outstanding (and recognized abroad, as well). With time, inventiveness and hard work they became perfect and indispensable. They are trademarked in our memories and represent a way of life. They evoke the everyday life of another time and reveal the soul of a country.

These are our products.
This is who we are.