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The story of A Vida Portuguesa (The Portuguese Life) unfolds as we rediscover and recreate the very best of Portuguese production. Based on a traditional know-how that has been passed through generations, involving a great deal of handwork and keeping their old style packages. Designed by and for the Portuguese, they continue to speak to our hearts. This is a story of respect for those who sell, who purchase and the goods that are traded. We like to call it "delicate trade".

November, 2009

The Porto shop opens in the Clérigos neighbourhood (downtown), in partnership with Ach. Brito 

The online shop opens, selling to the world, in partnership with Feitoria

The Exclusive Collection of Six Emílio Braga Notebooks is launched 

June, 2007

The ceramic swallows, using the original Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro molds, are relaunched as an A Vida Portuguesa exclusive

The "Sticking Swallows" created by A Vida Portuguesa are launched

Eight vintage Viarco pencil packages ("Watercolour", "Girl with Doll", "Boys with Balls Soap," "Boys With Cat," "Boys and Sheep") are relaunched as an exclusive A Vida Portuguesa

November 2021

Launch of the Azores White Tea in partnership with Companhia Portugueza do Chá — experimental lot of the Government of the Azores. Launch of Jogo da Memória, an exclusive A Vida Portuguesa product with illustrations by renowned illustrator Jorge Colombo.

Opening of DEPOZITO at Rua Nova do Desterro, 21. DEPOZITO is a project by A Vida Portuguesa in collaboration with Portugal Manual. ⁠

May, 2007

The brand A Vida Portuguesa is born, replacing A Casa Portuguesa brand

The Lisbon shop opens in the Chiado neighbourhood: 11 Rua Anchieta

November 2020

A Vida Portuguesa receives the APOM Award — Merchandising — for the exclusive collection of AVP and Sarah Affonso.

Launch of exclusive products: Estrelas de Natal fibra vegetais in partnership with Toino Abel, Etiquetas de Natal with illustrations by Jorge Colombo and Etiquetas de Postais Antigos.

“One for All” campaign to give online sales opportunities to suppliers who do not have an online store (pandemic context).

The start of the project Bonecos TOM with a contribution to the book for Jorge Silva.

Due to COVID-19, A Vida Portuguesa is forced to close Ivens and Porto stores.

December 2019

A Vida Portuguesa launches an exclusive product called Clássicos da Perfumaria Portuguesa. Months later, the stores put on sale an Advent Calendar in partnership with Avianense.

A Vida Portuguesa celebrates Sarah Affonso (1899-1983), a great artist who was both a modernist painter and a prodigious embroiderer, an independent woman, a dedicated and inventive mother married to José de Almada Negreiros. Launch of the Exclusive Collection AVP and Sarah Affonso (44 products).

Opening of the Porto Store on Rua do Cândido dos Reis.

November 2018

A Vida Portuguesa launches five exclusive products: Tábua de Mármore, Saco lona AVP, Papel para recortar, Nota bem and Etiquetas de Natal.

Creation of an event at the Intendente store to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ach. Brito.

Christmas popup at the Porto store (Rua Cândido dos Reis).

September 2017

A Vida Portuguesa launches a collection of unique products with Portuguese illustrator Jorge Colombo, in addition to the launch of two exclusive products: Plan of the Week and Christmas ornaments in partnership with Maciel.

A Vida Portuguesa opens a popup store at La Trésorerie, in Paris.

Catarina Portas is the host of a series of programs Fabrico Nacional for RTP.

October 2016

A Vida Portuguesa opened a new store in Lisbon, at number 2 Rua Ivens, in the Chiado area.

October 2015

The Design Office within A Vida Portuguesa, created to produce more exclusives for the brand is founded with Kathi Stertzig and Álbio Nascimento.

November, 2014

Opening of new store

October, 2013

Opening of the Home Ware shop in Largo do Intendente, Lisbon. We fulfill the dream of broadening our offer, and range of suppliers, to the home department.

December, 2012

A Vida Portuguesa is one if the 15 brands selected worldwide to be a part of the Monocle Christmas Market in London.

"Delicious Chocolate for Tourists" is launched, from a partnership between A Vida Portuguesa and Regina, recovering charming old labels with illustrations from the Estoril and "Sunny Coast".

January, 2011

Wallpaper magazine names Catarina Portas one of the "bright young things" shaping the future

June, 2010

The first temporary store, A Vida Republicana (The Republican Life) opens as a part of the exhibition "Long live the Republic!" (within the Celebrations of the Portuguese Republic Centenary) in Lisbon.

Exclusive "Republic" products are launched: an Ach. Brito Soap, a CRERE Republican Bust, a Republican moustache for young customers, a 5th of October commemorative plaque and a selection of  themed stamps 

Throughout the summer two more A Vida Republicana stores opened in Terreiro do Paço square 

April, 2010

A Vida Portuguesa in Porto is the first Portuguese shop to join Wallpaper's Magazine Retail Directory, a selection of 22 worldwide shops, listing "the Year's Most Innovative Retail Design Discoveries" 

Retail for the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) of both New York (USA) and Tokyo (Japan), supplying different products for the project "Destination Portugal" 

Retail of ceramic swallows fot the Portuguese Pavilion in the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China 

December, 2009

Monocle magazine names Catarina Portas one of its "Heroes" for 2010, worldwide people who "deserve a bigger stage" 

September, 2009

A corner with a selection of A Vida Portuguesa products opens in Casa das Histórias - Paula Rego Museum

May, 2009

A Vida Portuguesa is a Mercury Prize Finalist in "Best Trade" New Concepts 

October, 2007

Voted one of "10 most original shops in town" by Time Out Lisbon

November, 2008

A Vida Portuguesa line is expanded with exclusive products: 
A collection of 15 Confiança Soaps "Confident Portuguese" 
"Lisbon by Night" 3 soap box by Ach Brito 
A Vida Portuguesa notepad by Serrote

September, 2007

Secla Vintage line of mugs and jugs is launched