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Ach.Brito / Claus Porto

The first Portuguese factory to produce soaps and perfume was founded in Porto in 1887 by two Germans. After World War I, the company was purchased by one of their Portuguese employees, Achilles Alves de Brito. Updated to fit the demands of the modern market, it has always preserved the outstanding quality of its products. It has released the brands Ach. Brito and Claus Porto, which has become synonymous with luxury worldwide. Recovering their vintage packaging, the soaps continue to be handmade, using only natural ingredients. The secret for their quality lies in the milling process, which is repeated seven times, and in the natural drying process, ensuring the soaps keep their fragrance and consistency to the very end. Not forgetting the freshest Lavender cologne, that has perfumed the Portuguese people through the decades.

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