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Santa Catarina Tuna

Inheritor of a century long canning tradition in São Jorge island, in the Azores, Indústria Conserveira de Santa Catarina was founded in 1995. They work exclusively with tinned tuna, captured with fishing-line and hook, a traditional art known as “jump and rod”, a technique that allows for the selection of the best specimens, guarantees the preservation of the species and is “dolphin safe” certified. A true sustainability example, that reflects upon the outstanding quality of the tuna meat, with its light, pink fillets and a subtle flavour of the sea. It is available “au naturel”, in the best olive oil or prepared according to original recipes, with raw sauce or sweet potato. The best is the “ventresca”, the highly reputed fat fillet of the tuna belly; it takes only one bite to confirm there is no other like it.