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Chocolates Arcádia

It is the oldest Portuguese brand of handmade chocolates. Founded in 1933 by Manuel Bastos, Confeitaria Arcádia in Praça da Liberdade has been one of Porto’s finest establishments from the very beginning. Nowadays the third generation of Bastos’ family continues to look after the high standard of the chocolates produced in the premises of Rua do Almada: chocolate bars and boxes or biscuits covered in chocolate (the popular “cats’ tongues”). Adding to that, Arcádia also specialises in Bonjour liquor candies, individually embellished and painted by hand, things of beauty in the shape of babies, budgies, cherries, beans and others; true masterpieces of Portuguese confectionery that are immensely popular at Easter time. We also recommend the toasted almonds with chocolate in a copper pan, the irresistible candied almonds and the elegant candied pine nuts.

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