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Regina Chocolates

The sweet smell of chocolate started spreading in the Alcântara neighbourhood of Lisbon with the arrival of the first Regina factory in 1928. The brand reigned over the Portuguese chocolate market, launching products that became part of the collective memory such as milk or fruit-flavoured chocolate bars, “Eat with Bread” and “Floc Choc”. It also created the thrilling “Hole Machine” and, most importantly, the iconic umbrella shaped chocolates. In 1970, 500 workers produced 15 tons of Regina products on a daily basis. However, the company started to lose ground in an increasingly competitive market and the unit closed down in the 1990s. The brand was bought by the old rival Imperial (owner of Pantagruel and Jubileu brands) and was back on the market in 2002, with a huge success. We can confirm the chocolate umbrellas remain irresistible: they are one of our bestsellers at A Vida Portuguesa shops, bringing joy to young and old with a sweet tooth.