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Algarve Salt

Sea, sun and wind: nothing else goes into the precious sea salt produced by Ria Formosa Nature Reserve and Castro Marim’s Sapal, in the Algarve’s eastern region. A millennial tradition, the extraction process remains unchanged and seasonal. In May, the seawater floods the salt tanks, to later evaporate and start the crystallising process. The first flakes to surface are skimmed by hand with wooden tools. This most special of salts, “Flor de Sal” (salt flower), has also been named “white gold”. Drying under the sun, the salt maintains its natural humidity and is very rich in magnesium, calcium, iodine and selenium. Without any artificial processing, it is produced in a sustainable way, in total harmony with nature and, therefore, internationally certified. Use your fingers to crush the “Flor de Sal” crystals and sprinkle over your food just before serving. Because it adds a delicate touch, bringing out the flavours in the dishes, it is an ingredient favoured by the best chefs.

Fotos © Salmarim