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An original, sweet and moving invention of the Minho people, the “love-kerchiefs” became popular in the 19th century. Upper class girls favoured embroidering the cloth very neatly, using the cross-stitch, but the common girls would prefer the flower stem or the chain stitches for their creations – rich in hearts, keys, doves, blackberry-bushes or joined hands. The work included love rhymes, filled with spelling mistakes, as they were poorly educated. When they would turn the right age to marry, the girls would create a personalised neckerchief to offer their be-loved. If the girl’s love was returned, the boy would use it around his neck, over his Sunday suit, wearing it proudly. If the feelings were not reciprocated, he would hand it back. Now, as in the old days, a “love-kerchief” that leaves the hands of a girl from Minho remains a unique and precious gift. And, as they can be made to measure, bring your rhyme and or-der it from A Vida Portuguesa.