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Licor Beirão

At the end of the 19th century, a Port wine traveling salesman fell in love with a pharmacists’ daughter in Lousã. He soon realised that a liquor produced on the pharmacy premises could turn into a business of its own, and in 1929, “Licor Beirão” was born. In 1940 businessman José Carranca Redondo invested all he had (and what he did not have) in the brand, and he was daring enough to advertise it, from the 1950s onwards, both in roadside adverts or TV commercials featuring the famous singer Tony de Matos. The drink became so popular that, up to this day, nobody has refuted its authority to use the slogan “Portugal’s liquor”. Prepared through infusion and double distillation of seeds and herbs, this sweet 22% alcohol drink can be served as a digestif, with or without ice, or as an aperitif, with lemon juice and/or gin. It is available in a very distinctive bottle with a ribbon that continues to be tied manually.