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Sanjo Sneakers

In 1936, the distinguished Empresa Industrial de Chapelaria Lda, decided to take a chance on sports footwear, launching Sanjo (short for São João da Madeira, where they come from) sneakers. Until the 1980s, Sanjo sneakers were on everybody’s feet across Portugal, indispensable to those playing basketball or futsal. In 1996, due to strong foreign competition, the factory closed down and the premises were devoted to a very interesting Hatmaking Museum. Purchased by Fersado, the brand was produced again in 2010, relaunching the well-known high-top K100 (made out of sailcloth and vulcanised rubber, with the ingenious “vented sponge innersole”) and the low-top K200, both of them available in assorted colours. Maintaining the characteristics that made them famous, extreme comfort, incredible resistance and good style, Sanjo sneakers are back, eager to beat the competition and conquer the world. Why not?