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Viúva Lamego

Completely covered in tiles, the building that houses Fábrica da Viúva Lamego (in the In-tendente Square) since 1849 remains one of the most breathtaking in Lisbon. The factory has created and reproduced hand-painted tiles since the very beginning, becoming one of the most symbolic and distinguished producers of this exuberantly developed decorative art in Portugal. During the 1930s the naive popular tiles were signed by Lucien Donnat, Tomás de Melo, Carlos Botelho, Bernardo Marques and Fred Kradolfer – encouraged by António Ferro, the brain behind the imagery of Salazar’s regime. This was the beginning of a relationship to be developed with several artists, such as Maria Keil, the author of the amazing subway panels for Lisbon’s subway in the 1960s. Viúva Lamego has also created hand-painted faience, in an unmistakably Portuguese style, from the very beginning. Nowadays, it continues to export beyond borders, as the Aleluia Group brand.