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Pitcher Madeira | Costa Nova

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Picher in fine stoneware clay.

Costa Nova: in 2006 a brand of kitchen and tableware ceramics was founded, inspired by the name of a beach in Ria de Aveiro, northern Portugal. Made from fine-grained clay, the stoneware paste used absorbs different colors to create a timeless style, blending rustic charm and sophistication.
Very durable and robust, it is machine-wash, microwave, oven and freezer-safe. Exported to over 40 countries, these ceramics are recommended by both leading Portuguese chef José Avillez and international lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe. As a precaution, we recommend washing oversized and more delicate pieces by hand.

Measurements: 25,4 x 15,8 x 17 cm (1.88 L)
Weight: 1266 g.