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Love-in-a-mist | Sementes de Portugal

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Nigella damascena

Ornamental - Annual species, endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, with about 20-30 cm, known for its elegant and unusual flowers, with blue and white tones, and thin and cut leaves resembling a fog. It blooms from April to June. The capsules of its seeds, already dried, are also very ornamental and can be used in floral arrangements. Adaptable to different types of soil, it prefers places little exposed to the sun and does not require frequent watering. It is easily kept in the garden, spreading easily by self-sowing every year.

Germination time: 2 weeks
Weight: 0.5 grams
Number of seeds: 80

Measurements: 9.2 x 13 x 0.3 cm.
Weight: approx. 10 g.