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Alcobaça Ginja: Miniature

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A close relative to “kirsh”, Ginja (or Ginginha) is Lisbon’s typical drink but can also be found all over Portugal. This one in particular comes from the charming city of Alcobaça in a 40ml bottle. The sour cherries (prunus ceresus) are left to infuse for an extra flavoured liquor. The sweet, delicious drink can be served “with or without them”, depending on whether the customer wishes or not to bite the soaked fruit served at the bottom of the glass.

Ingredients: Cherry, alcohol, sugar, water.

Alcohol content: 20%

Liquid Quantity: 40ml

Measurements: 4 x 12 cm

Supplier: O Massa João ferreira da Silva, Lda. Apartado 9 2461-601 Alcobaça

Origin or provenance: Portugal

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