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Hanging Decoration Christmas Star | Maciel

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Hanging decoration shaped like a star from Latoaria Maciel, sold in sets of 3 units.

"Latoaria Maciel" was founded in 1810 by Francisco Xavier Maciel at Rua Larga de São Roque and barely changed in 205 years. 
According to their memories, bussiness may have started even before that date, at the same time as Lisbon's public street lighting (which started with a bang in 1780).
Maciel has been passed down from generation to generation until the 21st century, when a debilitated Rui Maciel called his daughter Margarida Pragana to work with him. She's the 7th generation of this stubborn story and she's the one who, along with his husband Rui, is proud to carry on Maciel's Great art and long history.

Exclusive to A Vida Portuguesa

Star measurements: 12,50 x 12 x 1
Star Weight: 12 gr.