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A Vida Portuguesa

The first door we knocked on was Bordalo Pinheiro’s, and they were up to challenge of bringing back to production their ceramic swallows, as an exclusive to be sold at A Vida Portuguesa. All over the country, the brave suppliers that kept the Portuguese manufacture going, would soon open their archives to us: drawers filled sometimes century-old creativity, that deserved a new lease of life. The ideas started flooding in and we found ourselves with a brand. In Ach. Brito and Confiança we discovered discontinued but exquisite labels that required only a dust off, Viarco reedited for us old pencil boxes, with Emílio Braga we created a line of colorful notebooks and with Serrote we developed charming shelf borders. When the Portuguese Republic became a hundred years old we created a whole, commemorative line. And in October 2015, the final step: we created our own Design Office to pursue the most thrilling of our adventures.

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