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A ilha | Livro Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: "The island tells the story of a great enterprise — an endeavor that brought the inhabitants of an island around the construction of a bridge. Have a dream like this wouldn't be a problem, if the mainland wouldn't be far away, so far and the construction of the bridge wasn't a crazy work, so crazy ...

But, when the construction of the bridge, no one realizes the folly of design: engineers make the calculations that have to be done and the population join efforts around this collective dream. Just up ahead, let's discover how some calculations are wrong and how there are contingencies that nobody has calculated.

What would I have left at the end of the work is to invite you to find out."

Author: João Gomes Abreu and Yara Kono.
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 44, hardcover.
Measurements: 20,3 x 22,7 x 1,2 cm.