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A Nossa Casa, apontamentos sobre o bom gosto na construção das casas simples

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Author: Raul Lino
Editor: Colares Editora
Pages: 102
Dimensions: 16 x 23 x 1 cm.

Synopsis from the Editor:" A Nossa Casa", early work of Arq. Raul Lino published in 1918 was intended to guide people of modest resources in the construction of a simple but pleasant place to inhabit. Is with the idealism of youth you want to fix the world, respecting the harmonious spirit of the places and obeying to the traditions. Of the plant materials used, the Councils call for wisdom, the suitability of the type of life that inhabits, taking into account the environment in which it integrates. On the ground, passing by the solar and wind orientation, taking into account the convenience and hygiene, the plan and the construction of the House must make it possible to guess from the outside and see inside the mind and taste of its owner. Aims latest spiritual interest by our housing problem on Earth.