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Emilio Braga notebook + Postcard "Retrato com vestido negro"

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Traditional “galocha” type notebook with cardboard cover, fabric spine and corners, 100 white sheets, entirely manufactured and measuring 12x17 cm. Includes lined and squared guide sheet and 10x15 cm postcard.


This is a very special edition from Emílio Braga’s notebook, a historic portuguese brand with notebooks that have accompanied me through life. I can only accomplish if I write. I write to remember, to practice, to transform… I often write without reading it back. The simple act of writing inspires me to continue.

I’m honoured to launch this “Portuguesa” version of one of the most significant objects of my career: an Emílio Braga’s notebook.



Dimensão: 17 x 12 x 1,5 cm
Peso: 228g