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Amália no Mundo, Sinais de uma vida nos sulcos do vinil | Tradisom

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Hardcover book, 10 x 10 inches, 320 pages in coated paper, profusely illustrated, including two CDs.
This book features images of every Amália Rodrigues’ vinyl record ever released worldwide.

“Despite the profusion of records and books released about Amália Rodrigues for the last decades and especially after her death in 1999, we were certain we would be able to offer something unreleased.

Indeed, this release – the book alone features about 600 images – introduces us to the history of Amália Rodrigues’ discography and her musical career all across the world, through the covers of the vinyl records she released over the span of five decades, bringing her music to every continent.

THE BOOK “AMÁLIA NO MUNDO” (Amália in the World)
Hardcover book, 10 x 10 inches, 320 pages in coated paper, profusely illustrated, including 2 CDs.

CD 1: On this CD you can find a set of flamenco performances typical of Amália’s early years. These are all mytical recordings, from Ojos Verdes e Los Piconeros, hits that she recorded in Brazil in 1945, to classics sung in Spanish, in 78”, like the Abbey Road ones, from 1953, the New York LP (“Fado and Flamenco”) and a few from Paris. These recordings shed some light on the “gypsier” profile of an artist that has always considered herself as an “Iberian singer”.

CD 2: Also looking to collect the songs of Amália’s international repertoire, this second album includes songs interpreted in other languages, from the period from 1958 to 1960, when Amália was recording for the label Ducretet Thomson.From the record “Amália Chante en Français” we highlight an emblematic song, “Aïe Mourir Pour Toi”, written for her by Charles Aznavour, among many other tracks featured here.”

Publisher: Tradisom.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 320.
Size: 27 x 27 x 3,3 cm.
Weight: 1228 g.