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Atlas das Viagens e dos Exploradores | Planeta Tangerina

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"A few centuries ago, we didn’t know the limits of our planet and many areas of the world remained isolated, with no connection between each other.
We didn’t know of the places and species that existed in other regions, neither of their peoples and cultures. 
In order to find out what was this world we lived in, we had to hit the road. Riding a donkey or a camel, sailing a boat or by foot - we left our homes to look for the unknown, and came back with the extraordinary novelties from other places.

The travels of monks, botanists, traders, sailors or artists gave important contributions to our knowledge of the planet, and to our awareness of the existence of each other. These travellers — from all times and places — are the main characters of this book, where there will be plenty of maps and many, many adventures."

Author: Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho
Editor: Planeta Tangerina.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 140, hardcover.
Size: 30 x 24 x 2 cm.