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Azulejos Padrão Lisboa | Majericon

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Azulejos Padrão - Lisboa is a book of photographs from the facades of the capital. They contain a short introduction text and an index with the location where the images were taken and where to find them.

The size of the book is slightly larger than that of a real tile, 16.5 x 16.5 cm contain over 250 images in 160 pages.

The cover contains localized lacquer creating the sensation of having a tile in your hand.

Fernando Veiras (Author):
He was born in Galicia (Spain) in the city of A Coruña for more than 40 years. At 20 months he went to live in Geneva, Switzerland, where his parents had emigrated. With the majority of age, the Switzerland was very boring and decided to return to its roots. He finished his studies in public administration in Galicia. During his professional career, he has worked in different areas from the age of 20 to today. His affection for photography began at the young age when his father offered him a camera and since then is always taking pictures. This is his first book and the first time he publicly shows his photographs.

Majericon (Editor):
Majericon is a publisher founded at the end of 2016 by Fernando Veiras and Amir-Alexandros Afendras that aims to publish author's books and produce other articles that they would like to find in bookstores and souvenir shops when they travel.

Author: Fernando Veiras
Editor: Manjericon 2017
Pages: 160
Size: 16,5 x 16,5 x 31,4 cm.