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Biografia de Lisboa

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Author: Magda Pinheiro
Publisher: D. Quixote
Pages: 525
Measurements: 15,5 x 23,5 x 2,3 cm.

Synopsis of the Editor: "The story of a city's people, smells, has trade, has enclosures and pests, revolutions and invasions, battles, conquests and defeats, homes and monasteries, urban development, hygiene, cleaning, health, transport, streets, legends, mysteries, moments of leisure and sports, cafes, urban parties and traditions, joys and suffering. As a living being, it fits in the life, in history, in the biography of Lisbon. The historian Magda Pinheiro, a specialist in urban history, brings you a work absolutely original, based on a profound investigation of several years and consultation from a variety of sources and files. Throughout these pages, we covered the history of Lisbon, the capital city, cosmopolitan metropolis, head of the Kingdom, from the legend of Ulysses to this day going through moments that marked the life of the metropolis, as the conquest of Lisbon, leaving the Court for Brazil, the discoveries, the great earthquake, the riots, the Pneumonic, the arrival of freedom or the Expo ' 98. Filled with episodes that mark the history of the country itself, stories of everyday life in the city, fun facts about the typical neighbourhoods such as Alfama or saints and the streets where we walk, and where we can find traces of the past, this book, widely illustrated, makes live the city of Lisbon".