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Blue Horse Brooch | Sarah Affonso

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In the 1940s, Sarah Affonso dedicated herself to creating faience brooches and buttons. That kind of small objects was fashionable, and by selling them Sarah managed to balance the shaky finances of a family of artists. “I kept the house running for a month with buttons”, she says in her autobiography. In order to reissue a selection of those objects, A Vida Portuguesa partnered with the Viúva Lamego ceramic factory, a historic name when it comes to Portuguese ceramic tiles and faience. Established in 1849 at the Intendente Square, in Lisbon, the company has always worked with great artists, architects and designers.
A Vida Portuguesa saw in these buttons by Sarah Affonso actual jewels, asked the original factory to reproduce them, and turned them into brooches, into works of art for everyday use.
Each ceramic brooch is painted by hand. The pins to secure them are made of brass and gold-plated.

Brooch size: 7 x 3,2 x 0,9 cm.
Box size: 9,4 x 6 x 3 cm.