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Blue Notebook | Firmo

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Blue notebook with a red or blue elastic and white pages inside, available blank, ruled or gridded (please specify your preference).

I used to buy these books when I went to Lisbon. They are very good, very resistant. From the moment you begin to write on them, you can not go back to writing on anything else." The praise of the Portuguese notebook by John Trause, the character of the writer created by Paul Auster for his book "Oracle Night".

Inspired by the traditional accountancy record books, this notebook was quickly adopted by grocers, butchers and professionals from many other different fields. Students, teachers, illustrators, travellers have used it though out the decades and are now delighted to see it return to the stationery shelves, while keeping its charming old-style look.

A leader in the production and wholesale of Portuguese stationery, Firmo has over 60 years of tradition, providing blank pages to shelter all sorts of knowledge and inspiration.

Small Notebook Measurements: 15 x 11 x 1,5 cm.
Weight: 180 gr

Big Notebook Measurements: 21,5 x 17,5 x 1,5 cm.
Weight: 428 gr.