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As doenças das plantas artificiais | Lavandaria e HiHiHi

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AS DOENÇAS DAS PLANTAS ARTIFICIAIS is an idea by Luís Leal Miranda, illustrated by Tiago Galo and transformed into a book by Lavandaria and HiHiHi.

150 copies were made. the green is printed in risography by HiHiHi and the fluorescent pink in screen printing by the Lavandaria. The core has 28 pages on 120g Munken Pure paper the book is 13x25cm.

No artificial plants were harmed during the process.

Author: Luís Leal Miranda and Tiago Galo.
Publisher: Lavandaria and HiHiHi.
Language: Portuguese.
Pages: 28, soft cover.
Size: 13 x 25 x 0.2 cm.
Weight: 76 g.