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Causas da Decadência dos Povos Peninsulares

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Author: Antero de Quental
Publisher: Tinta da China, 2008
Pages: 120.
Measurements: 13,30 x 20 x 1 cm.


The decay of the peoples of the Peninsula during the last three centuries is one of the most indisputable facts, more evident in our history: you might say that this decline, followed by almost no transition to a period of glorious and rich strength, originality is the single biggest fact evident and indisputable that this story appears in the eyes of the historian and philosopher. As peninsular, feel deeply have said, in a House of this daunting evidence peninsular. But, if you don't recognize and confess frankly our past mistakes, how can we aspire to a sincere and final amendment? The sinner humiliates himself before his God in a sense Act of contrition, and only then is forgiven. We also, in front of the spirit of truth, the Act of contrition for our sins, because only then we can mend and regenerate."

Antero de Quental