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Memórias e Receitas Culinárias dos Makavenkos | Colares Editora

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Author: Francisco de Almeida Grandella
Publisher: Colares Editora
Pages: 134
Measurements: 15,5 x 22,5 x 1 cm.

Synopsis of the Editor: "An exceptional man. A humanist. An entrepreneur who for the intelligence, determination and strength of the work built an exemplary company: the famous Grandella.Your civic commitment is evident in the social policy of your company, building schools with a very characteristic-authentic architecture of temples and to ensure the holidays or the needed rest to their employees (don't forget that tuberculosis was a disease that was raging at the time in Portuguese society) has constructed a building in Foz do Arelho, that today enjoys the Inatel. Republican convinced and consistent with its social responsibility and grabbed policy in fortune and offered it to the provisional Government of the Republic. Two or three days after the revolutionary victory, told the Foreign Minister that case contracting some external loan, the State could take as collateral its properties and their warehouses, as stated in the preface Anabela Nagarajan. Memories and Recipes of Makavenkos allows us to appreciate its broad sense of conviviabilidade which led him to found in 1884, still in the reign of King Louis, the society of the Makavenkos with more 12 friends a day spent among quietness as worshippers in describes the prefaciadora. In this society will be members various prominent figures who shared openly and the democratic ideas and the pleasure of the table. The refinement of meals and regularly weekly meetings, they took Francisco de Almeida Grandella to let us witness through this book memories and Recipes of the Makavenkos, where obviously includes recipes with all the adventures and culinary attitudes of participants."