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Breadcrumbs | Zélly

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250g breadcrumbs package by Zelly. A natural product for cooking, especially deep-frying. Extra quality." It comes with the original recipe for the Economic Cake (in Portuguese, please ask for a translation when placing your order) that includes these breadcrumbs in the list of ingredients."

Packaged by Zelly, a Porto based company with an outstanding tradition in gathering only the best produce, whilst keeping the vintage and fun packages (from the beginning of last century) that made them famous.

Ingredients: Bread.

Nutricional information: There is no information on the packaging.

Allergens: There is no information on the packaging.

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Store in a dry place.

Quantity: 250g.

Measurements: 7 x 4 x 13 cm.

Supplier: José Araújo & C.ª Lda. Rua Fernandes Tomás, 783 / 785 - 4000-218 Porto. Portugal.

Origin or provenance: Portugal.

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