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Cabbage Tronchuda Portuguesa | Sementes Vivas

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Portuguese heritage seeds

The Portuguese love their cabbages. In botanical terms, Portuguese cabbages form a unique group among all other globally known cabbages abroad, such as red and white cabbage, or Savoy cabbage. Several studies have been devoted to these cabbages, which constitute an extremely important basis of the Portuguese diet. Another notable feature that is recognised is the successful adaptation to acidic soils and climates with a strong oceanic influence. The long history of subsistence agriculture in Portugal has determined that each village, or even each farm, has its own type of cabbage or its own variety. However, along with the Galician kale, the Tronchuda can be found throughout the Portuguese territory. This is the preferred variety to accompany Christmas Eve cod, along with boiled potatoes. Substantial, but with a delicate flavour, there is no Portuguese household that does not pay it the highest honours.

Voluminous, but with a delicate flavour, this is the cabbage that cannot be absent from the Portuguese table on Christmas Eve.

Content: 2g
Size: 10 x 15 x 0,3 cm