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Capitãs de Abril | A Esfera dos Livros

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Synopsis from the Editor: "The love put them at the center of the revolution that toppled 40 years of dictatorship in Portugal. And they fulfilled their role. At home, for that freedom came to the street. Fought in the ranks of conspiracy, covering the clandestine meetings, passing the machine manifests, instigating revolt or simply "whistling" to the side as those who do not see the blow in March. This is the story of the women of the captains of April. Dina Carvalho went to war, soldier without bullet, with the three children at the mercy of bombings. Set as you could the captains ' movement. Later, he helped prepare the Othello operations plan-she knit in the car to get the measures to the Fort of Caxias. Natércia Salgueiro Maia spent the night of April 24 glued to the radio. So many afternoons, she and Fernando trautearam the Zeca Afonso, and now the song order. Out the window, saw the column let Santarém. Teresa Alves shook the whole morning, there were no blankets able to shut the cold. The irony of life froze her insides, she was the daughter of the Chief of staff of the Navy and wife of one of the leaders of the movement. Aura Costa Martins spent the night at her boyfriend's, both around the town, grenades and a machine gun in the back seat. Gabriela Melo Antunes, thin girl-Azorean flower was in the writings of the PIDE, by commune "ideals" of her husband was a suspect. This is also the story of one woman who read a statement of the MFA and the woman who unknowingly gave its name to the revolution with its carnations in the barrels of guns."

Author: Ana Sofia Franco
Publisher: A Esfera dos Livros
Pages: 235, softcover.
Dimensions: 16 x 23,5 x 1,2 cm.