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Carlos Oliveira - Sobre o Lado Esquerdo

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Director: Margarida Gil
Midas Filmes, 2007
Duration: 50 minutes
English Subtitles

Synopsis: "On the left side is the title of a poem and a book where the mutation of the art of Carlos de Oliveira gives read particularly intense. It is now also the title of a film by Margarida Gil. The film does not seek to be an illustration of the work of the writer, but invent images that can withstand, welcome and give to see the strength of the images of the writer. Organized in five sequences, not chronological nor strictly thematic, the movie takes the Finistère and the novel book the sorcerer's apprentice as a sort of base structure, rigid, not before likely to give view and guess the intensive system of echoes and rhymes, of figures and flickers, that is the work of Carlos de Oliveira."