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Casa Havaneza

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Author: Luís V. Paiva Boléo
245 pages
Publisher: Dom Quixote
Measurements: 29 x 25 x 2,3 cm.

«Gas Lamps illuminate the arteries in the heart of Lisbon. The rainy days bring the bog, the windy days carry dust. And the night prowlers encarapuçados relieve their victims from the weight of the wallet, or of life. It is also of night more hear the barking of hundreds of animals proclaiming loud and clear their status of stray dogs. This is how the Chiado, when weather pointers if eggs by these mid-19TH century. Ensure the chroniclers, the site is still, as it was in previous centuries, most popular, popular and elegant zone of the capital. Elegant, even if the Word seem inappropriate at a time when there is a lack of infrastructure that give quality to life. Because this year, 1850, despite the absence of electricity, the lack of basic sanitation, the slow transport and poor condition of streets, some people cultivate good manners, take care of the physical and the outfit. Perhaps because the corset, like the hat or the cane with silver top, have already been invented and still no light on Mr. Edison's head.

May tomorrow the men of science to create the computer — either IBM or Macintosh, and get him on the list of essential things. But today, among the many things that are not exempt, and give quality to life, pontificam the duck pen elegance and dynamics of aparo.

Seems to be written that from this second half of the 19th century, and for years, no one will resist to the attraction of Chiado, with their mansions, hotels, bookstores, bakeries, cafes, stores, fashion shops. The Viscount to beggar-philosopher, of the costureirinhas civil servants, politicians, writers of the remediated to the more affluent, all do the same route: see them climb the Terreiro do Paço, demand the off the two churches and squabbling for the pleasure of a moment at the corner of Casa Havaneza.