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30 years later, Júlio Pereira returns to the instrument that has become synonimous with his image as a composer and musician who has definetely left a mark on the paths of Portuguese popular music – the cavaquinho.

This time, the songs were written by Júlio Pereira, who has invited some singers who usually work with him: Uxía, Sara Tavares, Luanda Cozetti.

But this isn’t merely a return to what already was the updating of a traditional instrument, rather a new step on the history of the small cordophone that left Minho province to travel to all continents and is now a protagonist of music from all over the world.

Besides being an autonomous and self-sufficient product of musical creation, CAVAQUINHO.PT included a book about the times, ways and places where the small instrument revealed itself.


Pulga Saltitante
Malhão Morno
Quadriga Lisboa
Museu Do Fado
Peixinhos Do Mar (Tradicional Do Brasil)
Minho Virado
Sete Fontes (Dedicado A Manuel Lisboa)
Laranxa (Tradicional Da Galiza)
Ler Devagar
Salta Celta