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Com 3 novelos (O mundo dá muitas voltas) | Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: "In search of a free place where all children can go to school, a family moves to another country. However, although different, the new country that hosts is far from perfect and, in this new world, the lack freedom sit on things as simple as choosing the color of the sweater if you want to wear in the morning.

Actually, a mother, a pair of needles and three skeins of wool ...

With the colors, the same colors, this mother will launch to work and wake up a small revolution in the city.

Based on actual events, this story is based on the adventure of a Portuguese family, in the late 60, fled to the dictatorship of the Estado Novo and lived an experience of exile in various countries."

Author: Henriqueta Cristina e Yara Kono
Pages: 28
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina
Measurements: 22,5 x 26,8 x 1 cm.