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Confiança: Enlevo

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Enlevo" soap. With floral aromas, an engraving in the shape of a swallow and a beautiful label rescued from the archives of Confiança soap factory.

Part of a recent edition, an exclusive for A Vida Portuguesa brand, launched in 2008. "Portugueses Confiantes" (confident Portuguese) is a collection of 15 soaps that, through the themes of the soap packages (sold between 1920 and 1960), tells part of the story of a country and its preferences.

Founded in Braga in 1894, the soap and perfume factory Confiança (that means "confidence", in Portuguese) firmly stands by the quality of its manufacture. It has achieved a firm place in the international luxury market, due to the recovery of charming packages from its archives and the creation of new, diversified and sophisticated products.

Measurements: 9 x 6 x 2,5 cm.
Weight: 100 g.