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Contos Completos

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Author: Fernando Pessoa
Publisher: Antígona
Páginas: 180
Measurements: 13 x 22 x 1,5 cm.

Synopsis of the Editor: "Fernando Pessoa, in addition to its production heteronímica, scattered in life, by newspapers and magazines, fiction narratives marked by humor, intelligence, by the absurd and the ironic, now collected in volume, in addition to three unpublished. Complete tales includes Complete Decorative Chronicles Tales — including the celebrated short story «the banker» Anarchist and the curious fiction ' the car was going to Disappear», written as text advertising for a brand of automotive paints-' Fables for the young Nations ' – a set of six short stories transcribed from the originals in the author's estate, in the national library –, «the Sailor : Static Drama in a frame ' and ' Selected short stories of o. Henry translated from the original English by Fernando Pessoa», published in Athena, between December 1924 and June 1925."