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Melamine tray | Faplana

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Before becoming "Faplana" in 1955 it had already done some remarkable work in the manufacturing of melamine and other plastic products, through compression. It started exporting in the early 1980s, supplying the demands of the French market, the creative genius Philippe Starck and the Italian Alessi (for those which they continue to produce the ashtray "Joe Cactus"). The line "Magic", developed with Eduardo Afonso Dias, received an award from the Portuguese Design Centre. And the fifty-year-old "Sugar Bowl with Wings", part of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum selection in New York.

Small tray
Measurements: 18 x 17,7 cm.
Weight: 395 g.

Medium tray
Measurements: 31 x 21,3 cm.
Weight: 570 g.

Big tray
Measurements: 37 x 24 cm.
Weight: 570 g.