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Mount of olives | Laboratório d'Estórias

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Men arrive and depart, destroy and create, and I'm here. From times when they didn't exist, when only the birds fed on my fruits, and the animals sought my shadow. Different communities have devoted me values such as wisdom, peace, abundance and glory. Victorious greek athletes wore a crown with my leaves, and their wives sat at my shadow, when they wished to conceive. The romans used this oil for everything, medicine, healing, analgesic. I have illuminated many reading hours. Gone the progress and, at last, what remains essential is the virgin taste, the unmatched juiciness of a dish well watered with these drops. Perhaps they are the flavor of time itself. It's that I was there, when Jesus prayed and died at the Mount of Olives, I'm all over the stories in the Bible, the Koran and even the Code of Hammurabi. Each of these drops comes from afar - and it knows much. And it tastes like much.

Plate for olive oil tasting.

Box: 16 x 5,3 x 18,5 cm.
Plate: 18,5 x 12 x 4,8 cm.
Weight: 258 g.