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Copper Hammered Cataplana

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Copper hammered Cataplana

The Cataplana is a species of metal pot made up of two concave pieces that fit with the aid of a hinge and often with two side locks. Originally from copper or brass, the cataplana is currently made of copper, aluminum and stainless steel. There are various dimensions covered, according to the quantity of food to be ready, Normally, the food-generally seafood, but sometimes with different forms of pork with onion, various spices and, sometimes, potatoes or other vegetables-are placed on the inside and left to cook with cataplana it shut over a low heat.

Nº2: diam:27 x heigh: 15 cm.
Peso: 842 g.

No.3: diam: 30,5 x heigh: 17 cm.
Peso: 1,070 kg.

No.4: diam: 33,5 x heigh: 18 cm.
Peso: 1,454 kg.

No.5: diam: 37,5 x heigh: 21,5 cm.
Peso:1,878 kg.