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Faz Fita | Majora

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 Do you know how much your tongue measures? And the distance from your knees how much do you sit "in Chinese"? With Faz Fita prepare to train your agility and meters and meters of fun!

With FAZ FITA learning to measure has never been so much fun!
We give you meters and meters of fun with 70 fast-paced challenges. To overcome them you will have to resort to imagination and agility. Each centimeter obtained from the challenge cards represents a square on the board. Who will be the first to reach the goal?

Box Content: 1 board, 70 cards with challenges, 2 tape measures and 6 pawns

Recommended age: + 7 years

Players: 2 a 6 persons

Playing time: 30 m

Measurements: 19 x 27,5 x 7 cm

Weight: 670 g