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Figs are for passers-by | Planeta Tangerina

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"In the beginning of the world (back when everyone walked without carrying anything with them), a bear stops next to a fig tree with his mind set on eating his favourite fruit.
The bear observes the branches and realizes that there is only one fig left in the fig tree, hidden among the leaves, and that it hasn’t mellowed yet. 
´How long will it take for this fig to be ready to eat´, asks the bear. ´Surely no more than a day.´
And so, the very confident bear sits and waits for his mellow fig.
But around the fig tree many adventures await him... After all, who are the figs for anyway? Are they for passers-by? 
Are the figs for who guards them? For the strongest? 
For the fastest? Or are they for who is more hungry?

A story of suspense and humor that will capture the readers attention (even of those who don’t like figs...)."

Author: João Gomes Abreu | Bernanrdo P. Carvalho
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina
Pages: 48
Measurements: 19,5 x 22 x 1,2 cm.