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Fish kettle | Mardouro

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This long pan has been specially developed to poach a big fish brought home from a fishing venture or a stroll around the market. One of the classier ways to Cook fish, this method allows for it to remain whole and juicy, keeping all its flavour. It can be cooked immersed in water or through the steam process. Light and resistant, it can be used on top of the cooker, inside the oven or over the charcoal grill. It included a grid to lift the fish in and out. It comes with a lid and two handles, to ease transport.

The aluminum articles available at A Vida Portuguesa come from one of the best producers in the country, based in Porto. “Extra strong” due to their 4mm thickness surface, their handles made out of stainless steel or bakelite and their bottom that is non-skid. The best possible aluminium, to sum it all up.

Available in two different sizes:
Small: 40 x 15 cm.
Weight: 850 g.

Big: 60 x 16 cm.
Weight: 1440 g.