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Turnip Gandra | Sementes Vivas

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Portuguese heritage seeds

The alluvial lands around the Cávado river in Gandra, in the north of Portugal, have been the origin of many of the varieties of vegetables still used in Portugal, especially potatoes and turnips. However, this was not always so. At the beginning of the settlement of the lands, these lands gained the reputation of poor and difficult to cultivate. With each new season and agricultural period, opinions changed. The region itself has changed, becoming the vegetable garden supplying the larger cities around it. It is from this region that the Gandra turnip originates. Its conical shape and white skin distinguish it as the preferred vegetable of the Portuguese for various dishes and soups. Whether for Comfort in the winter or for refreshment in the summer heat. It is also used as a sweetener, cooked for syrup and recommended as a cure for various ailments. The leaves can be used and constitute a rich source of iron. The turnip is a star recognised by the Portuguese to be enjoyed in cuisine and for comfort and physical well-being.

Originating from the lands of the Cávado, a conical turnip, with a white skin and a characteristic flavour; perfect for stews and soothing soups.

Content: 2g
Size: 10 x 15 x 0,3 cm