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Irmão lobo | Planeta Tangerina

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Synopsis: "Malik. Think of it as a totem that held the tribe together, trying to adapt to the apartment and dreaming of his old tipi surrounded by greenery.

The few photographs we took after he left, we look like a bunch of coins tossed into the air, falling randomly away from each other. This, for example, with Blanche staring at me, black Elk to look up in the sky, the fossil looking at tennis and Miss Kitty wearing sunglasses, looking in, to the places where she walked.

Later that summer when everything started burning, never show up the five in the photographs. It was the summer of the great Crossing in the desert of death. Or, simply, the summer of the great crossing.

I remember like it was yesterday."

Author: Carla Maia de Almeida e António Jorge Gonçalves
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina
Pages: 122
Measurements: 23,5 x 17 x 1,4 cm.