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José Cardoso Pires - Livro de Bordo

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Director: Manuel Mozos
Midas Filmes, 1998
Duration: 52 minutes.

Synopsis: José Cardoso Pires liked night; of showroom and Bohemia. Among their friends were Alexander the ´ Neill, one of the rare writers who was friend and painter Júlio Pomar, and a major influence on his work. Chased by the P.I.D.E., was forced into exile in Brazil. It was there where he devoted himself to writing full time. Among his works are the books: the Anchored Angel, the Dauphin, Ballad of dogs ' Beach and De Profundis-Slow Waltz, where he discusses the experience of memory loss as a result of a stroke. With António Lobo Antunes, Antonio Tabucchi, Edite Cardoso Pires, Fernando Lopes, João Lobo Antunes, Júlio Pomar, Nelson Matos, Oscar Lopes