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Lemon Verbena Tea Bags | Cantinho das Aromáticas

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The place where Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro lived one of biggest (and most forbidden) love stories is now one of the rare urban spaces to practice organic farming throughout Western Europe. The vast Quinta do Paço in the town of Vila Nova de Gaia, has welcomed since 2002 a more modern love affair: the passion of agricultural engineer Luis Alves for more than 150 species of aromatic plants, medicinal and culinary. Introducing innovative techniques and developing cutting-edge research, exporting in bulk and collecting awards (such as the British Great Taste); with strong community and pedagogical connection, this is a rare company that produces from the seed to the final product, always aiming for excellence on its own line "Cantinho das Aromáticas".

20 tea bags of lemon verbena infusion of biological agriculture, produced by Cantinho das Aromáticas.


Liquid Quantity aprox.: 24g.

Measurements: 11 x 8 x 7,5 cm.

Supplier: Cantinho das Aromaticas Lda, Cantinho das Aromaticas Lda 4400-501 Vila Nova de Gaia

Origin or provenance Portugal


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