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Lightly smoked sardines with cayenne pepper | Minerva

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The goddess of excellence to the Romans, Minerva was chosen by "A Poveira" from Póvoa do Varzim to name one of its brands of canned fish and bless their colourful packaging. Since 1942, they have been using the freshest of fish in the Portuguese coast, caught daily, selected and prepared by hand; in the form of fillets, patés, eggs and cod in traditional recipes. Certified Kosher, Halal, Dolphin Safe and BRC Global Standards, registered with the Food & Drug Administration and awarded the blue eco-label by the MSC - Marine Stewardship Council, that in turn blesses environmentally sustainable fishing. Because blessings are never enough.


Ingredients: Sardine (Sardina Pilchardus) - min. 70% Refined olive oil - 28% Smoke aroma - 0.3% Cayenne pepper aroma - 0.8% - salt

Nutritional statement: Nutritional information per 100g: Energy: 1403kJ / 339kcal Lipids: 29g of which: - Saturated: 5.6g - Polyunsaturated: 4.2g - Omega 3: 2.5g - EPA: 662mg - DHA: 1280mg Carbohydrates: <0, 5g of which: - Sugars:

Allergens: Contains fish.

Conservation/utilization/how to use: Store at room temperature.

Liquid Quantity: 85g

Measurements: 10,5 x 6 x 2,8 cm.

Supplier: Socilink - Quinta dos Álamos - 2625-577 Vialonga

Origin or provenance: Portugal




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