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Lisboa e as Fadistas- 1928-1936 | Tradisom

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Arquivos do Fado
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Digitalized recordings of 78 rpm discs (some of the collection of José Girls)

Lisbon and its neighborhoods, its seven hills, the picturesque places, the river tagus that involves are sung in many musical genres, but the fado is undoubtedly a majority, followed by the popular marches, who came out to the street from 1932. Each year, hundreds of poems about lisbon, always beautiful and diverse, which refers the same theme, but never repeat themselves. this iconographic collection to the city "muse" does not impose limits on the imagination and creativity of poetasletristas, such is its beauty, and, interestingly, many of these themes are made for competitions of the marches populate the metric to fado, passing to be sung in the traditional fado songs.